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AHASFV President's Message — September, 2014

I am writing this month with appreciation for the club members that responded to our request to please become more active in the leadership of this wonderful organization, or risk loosing one of the best clubs in AHA. We had a few members willing to pitch in and help lead. Cristina Ferris and Ann Rossi have been appointed to the Board of Directors. Brian Ferris accepted a nomination to next year's Board and will be our Treasurer in 2015. A big thank you to all three individuals! We are still in need of at least two more members to step into committee and volunteer roles and attend some of our meetings. Regarding Board participation, I want to thank Jeff Reichman for his years of service to our club and Region. We will miss him at our regular meetings but look forward to seeing him at our fun shows and club events.

Some hard decisions were made during our last meeting. At the present time it was decided that our club could no longer be in charge of putting on the May Class A Region 2 qualifier show and Pacific Slope Championship show. This decision had to be made based on what was best for the AHASFV club. We do not have the active membership that we need to volunteer and manage the show. Some folks say they will pitch in but the follow through has been poor. Also there is discussion of a Region 1 & 7 show being planned in Arizona in May. The potential new Arizona show would reduce our May show attendance to such a level that we felt the club was at great risk of losing too much revenue.

As a club we have decided to put our energy into youth programming, the open “fun shows”, trail rides and club events such as clinics. These are all activities that draw the largest number of club members and we want the club focus to reflect its membership.

Speaking of membership, many AHASFV members will be attending Sport Horse Nationals in Nampa, Idaho this month. We wish everyone going good luck and please send in your “brags” next month. We also have the V6 Ranch club ride taking place. Thank you Kathleen Green for your work on this great trail experience. I know I will be attending the Labor Day Santa Barbara show with a 3 year old Country mare and our Western mare, in preparation for U.S. Nationals next month.

I hope to see old friends and more new faces at our Board and General meeting on Tuesday, September 9, at Cisco's Restaurant in Westlake Village. The Nominating Committee will present its slate of nominees for 2015 and nominations will be accepted from the floor. Details are available in our September Newsletter.

Jane Haven

AHASFV Mission Statement

The Arabian Horse Association of the San Fernando Valley is committed to bringing together people interested in advancing and promoting the Arabian and Half-Arabian horse by conducting, encouraging, and aiding exhibits or shows, clinics, and trail rides, and to cooperate with other organizations to improve general equestrian activities.